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WorldEscrow N.V./S.A.
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Worldescrow N.V.
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Testimonial: IOS – Electrabel, GDF SUEZ Group

IOS talking about FHA, IOS mapper and WorldEscrow...

The initiation of a project with a customer is the start of a trusted relationship, based on correct agreements. Escrow is an excellent way to ensure the performance of a contract by means of an independent “trusted” third party. The software source code and all accompanying technical documentation are stored in a secure environment. A check is also made to ensure that the information is complete and useable. Escrow guarantees to the licensee the continuity of the software even when unforeseen situations arise.

Since 2006, IOS International has realised different projects for Electrabel’s Tihange and Doel nuclear power plants, based on the IOS Mapper platform. When initiating the FHA (Fire Hazard Analysis) project, Electrabel expressed a clear need for continuity of the IT operations. The decision was made to collaborate with WorldEscrow Belgium, in order to secure the reliability of the source code.

The Fire Hazard Analysis project at the Tihange and Doel nuclear plants facilitates fire propagation analysis and fire protection adequacy, so that no nuclear risk results from a fire anywhere in a plant. There is a large amount of data involved: 7.500 functional locations and 1,5 million objects spread over 7 units in 2 power plants. For each room, data related to facilities, fire protection means and the fire load is gathered and inventoried. The fire propagation path is calculated and visualized, including technical reports and graphs, and the adequacy of detection systems and extinguishing units is analyzed.

The FHA module is built upon the standard IOS Mapper software platform. IOS Mapper is a software application to make an inventory and to inspect risk elements in various domains such as fire safety, physical security, environmental permit, etc. with a powerful reporting function.

IOS International offered Electrabel a solution with one platform to collect and structure all information and to collaborate and manage all reports. Existing systems (such as SAP, CAD, building management and process control) are integrated and synchronized. This platform assists in the standardisation, harmonisation and management of asset information for the Tihange and Doel power plants. At the end of the FHA development phase in 2011, IOS International has made a deposit of the source code at WorldEscrow Belgium.In this manner integrity and confidentiality is guaranteed, the source code is stored in an optimal secure environment, and the customer has access to the code when needed. Delivering great products is good, but reassuring the customer with continuity is paramount!

About IOS International

Focusing on the digitization, control, structuring and updating of very specific content, i.e. all data related to a physical asset, completed with a strong reporting functionality Delivering scenario based information to the mission critical activities of an organization Offering a step-by-step implementation of a total solution, supported by: the IOS Software Platform, integrated in your ICT platform and accessible through your company network or the internet combined with IOS Services, to enable a total and up-to-date set of information with the required knowledge as a result, making data 'actionable' on the spot.

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About WorldEscrow

WorldEscrow (Until 2011 EscrowEurope Belgium) is an Escrow agent, operating from Belgium. As a Trusted Third Party we store and maintain software source codes, thus guaranteeing that, should something happen to the supplier of the software, the users can continue to use the mentioned software. Thanks to WorldEscrow, your software continuity is assured. Would you like to know more? contact us.

Worldescrow: protecting your continuity

Managing Director
Herman Meuldermans