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WorldEscrow N.V./S.A.
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Worldescrow N.V.
Graaf van Egmontstraat 15 bus 1
2800 Mechelen
Tel +32 (0)15 20 44 50

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WorldEscrow Newsletter: People, art and black boxes

Since late 2013, WorldEscrow organizes expositions in the WorldEscrow HQ in Mechelen, named ‘art@the office.’ Every quarter, another artist (or set of artists) is invited to adorn the walls of our offices with their creativity. Throughout the course of the sessions so far, the WE location has seen glass arts, sculptures, tapestries and – of course – paintings. Yet, what WorldEscrow has seen most during the sessions, are people.

As a trusted third party, WorldEscrow essentially brings people together, in everything we do professionally. For a large part, uniting incompatible people, companies and ideas is our job. In a more specific way, we facilitate cooperation and institutionalize potential conflict situations before they occur.

Why does WorldEscrow do this? Simply put: because we seek to be an open, trustworthy company. A company that makes you feel welcome and secure, no matter the situation. Bringing people together is but one of the aspects of the company’s open policy, and the art sessions are a perfect example of the WorldEscrow open community approach.

Most Escrow agents are de facto ‘black box’ operations. You deposit, they process, and you hear nothing from them. We strive for dialogue, cooperation and mutual benefit, by cultivating an open – ask everything culture, first of all to our clients but within the company as well.

WorldEscrow is more than yet another internet black box. WorldEscrow is a reliable, friendly and open partner, who holds flexibility and communication in high regard.

Want to get to know us? Check our website or contact us.

Herman Meuldermans
WorldEscrow NV
Graaf van Egmont Straat 15, box 1
B-2800 Mechelen
+32 (0) 15 20 44 50

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