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Sassy SaaS Escrow

SaaS keeps the software itself central and sells access on a subscription basis. As such, SaaS is a very easy-to-use form of software delivery. In terms of business continuity, however, SaaS systems can be risky – at best.

We are kicking off this Newsletter with a short description of a very specific and relatively new type of escrow: SaaS Escrow. SaaS – or Software as a Service – is a very particular and intriguing interpretation of software, with a specific continuity risk-profile.

The problem is the same as with a traditional supplier: should the supplier quit, so does the support and the system becomes useless. However, where in traditional software this problem manifests over time (you will have a few weeks before the bugs actually manifest and your software stops being adequate) it manifests right then and there for SaaS. The supplier or the host shuts down and the service follows immediately. As a beneficiary, you are now completely in the dark, your data is gone, the software is gone – maybe it will get picked up by someone else, but nothing is certain – and you can start looking for a new software, with a new service package, a new supplier and/or host, a new training and trial and error time and – quiet probably – new mistakes, tweaks, customizations and problems – including having to recreate your data.

Enter SaaS Escrow. Just like standard software Escrow, SaaS Escrow’s primary goal is to guarantee a continuity of service. In traditional software escrow, this is done by comprising a deposit of the key elements and testing it. Needless to say, this is far from adequate for a SaaS principle. In SaaS escrow, WE guarantees a continuation of service by taking images of the environment, documenting the software to its full extent, uploading a daily copy of all data related to the application and by preparing a secondary host to kick in should the original host quit or fail. This way, the gap between services is reduced dramatically. Instead of having to wait around 1 – 2 weeks before resuming normal operations – and all costs that brings – you will only have to worry for about 1 - 3 workdays before operations can resume.

An even more complete protection is given in our SaaS Escrow Custom service. This service starts from a standard SaaS escrow service, but replaces the imaging with a fully operational mirror of the running application. This way, the downtime, lost data and overall damage in case of failure of the host and/or supplier is reduced even further, guaranteeing your continuity as complete as possible.

For all questions and information, visit our website or contact us.

Herman Meuldermans
WorldEscrow NV
Graaf van Egmont Straat 15, box 1
B-2800 Mechelen
+32 (0) 15 20 44 50

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