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Worldescrow Newsletter January 2013

WorldEscrow: about suppliers and advantages

If you are reading this, you are reading the first WorldEscrow newsletter of 2013. The concept is probably well known by now: WorldEscrow sends you newsletters on a monthly basis. The subject of these newsletters is always business continuity, Escrow-services or customer related.

Today the subject is one of WorldEscrow’s contract types: the multi-user or “2P”-agreement.
Core question of this letter: What’s a 2P and how does it benefit me?

For less informed readers, it might be recommended to freshen up your knowledge of escrow. You’ll find all information on

As you’ll notice, the basic idea behind Software Escrow is a 3 party agreement (3P), where supplier, beneficiary and WorldEscrow agree to execute an escrow service. The ‘2P’ comes from the 2 party agreement, although that name is slightly misguiding, as you’ll read in the rest of this letter.

How does a 2 party agreement work ?

With the multi-user or “2P”-agreement, the supplier is in the driver’s seat. Starting from the supplier’s products and deposits, we create a frame-agreement . Customers of this particular supplier can sign up and register themselves with us in order to benefit from the agreement.

It’s pretty straightforward why beneficiaries have to register: we need to know what beneficiaries are using the service in order to be able to deliver. Anybody who has not been registered can’t be allowed access to the deposited material. As the beneficiaries sign up, they actually sign an individual agreement, comparable with the 3P, but entirely preset by the supplier and WorldEscrow, making the project a whole lot easier.

What advantages does a 2P bring? A lot. The significantly lower cost for all (as the cost is ‘spread’ across all beneficiaries) left aside, the supplier can guaranty at any given time that its software’s source code and building blocks are deposited and available. In fact, they offer a continuity insurance to all their registered customers, and thus take a street length head-start to all their competition.

Why should I take one with Worldescrow? Because WorldEscrow offers the most flexible and complete 2P services in the world, only matched by the quality level of WorldEscrow 3P’s.
Moreover, the 2P registration system of WE is built to make beneficiary registrations as smooth as possible. WorldEscrow will be happy to do the communications, so, as a supplier, you don’t have to trouble yourself at all.

Interested? Contact us or visit our webpage:

That’s it for this month. WE hopes to hear from you soon. Untill then, once more: Best Wishes for 2013!