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Worldescrow Newsletter February 2013

Escrow and the crisis

Imagine the following: you are a strong company. What sector you’re in doesn’t really matter in this case, but you are healthy, fit and doing good business. Of course you use software – who doesn’t? – and rely on it for a very great deal. After all, software is everywhere. As you rely on your software, you rely on the people who made this software. The companies who design, implement and maintain it. These companies would go through hell itself to offer support, but even they can’t foresee everything.

Imagine that you are a user of software and due to unforeseen circumstances your supplier has to stop producing, maintaining and supporting your software. Or even worse: you are a supplier and because of certain circumstances you can’t offer your clients full service anymore! Now what? As a user, you might work with the current software for a relatively short while, but after that time your software will be outdated. You could hire another company to implement another package, but that costs a lot of time and money, not to mention the adjustment problems that brings. You could ask another company to fix and maintain the current software, but without the original codes, and the knowhow of the original designers, this might take time, if it works at all. As a supplier, you could hand over the software to another design and production company, but are you seriously going to let them get the credit (literally and figuratively) for the work you did? Would you completely rely on them to give your customers the best possible service with the risk of them squandering your good name?

Fortunately, there is another alternative. In comparison to the other ones a relatively easy and relatively cheap one: Software Escrow services. An escrow agreement basically goes like this: a user of software and a supplier of software agree to call on the aid of a trusted third party – the escrow agent – to receive a copy of the original source code, with the agreement that, should the supplier stop supplying the user of the software (for any reason that are contractually determined except a legitimate unbinding of the contract), this code can be handed to the user. This way, as a supplier, you make sure it’s you who gave your customers the best possible continuity guarantee and your competitors didn’t gain anything by it. As a user, you can rest assured that all your software that falls under the Escrow agreement are safe and secure. Not to mention up to date and ready for use, should anything happen to your supplier.

WorldEscrow has been a major Escrow agent for the last eighteen years. Our expertise as an Escrow agent is illustrated by the rather impressive list of contractors. As a specialized and independent company, we believe in a ‘tailor-made Escrow.’ Whether you’re a supplier who wants to guarantee the best service as simply as possible or a user who needs sturdy, guaranteed continuity measures, we adjust our contracts to you, without compromising security and safety of either party.

On top of the standard deposit service, WorldEscrow offers several formulae to ensure the continuity of your firm’s software. Going from asking and applying updates from the supplier to stress-performance and critical component testing on the users end.

With the multi-user or “2P”-agreement, the supplier is in the driver’s seat. Starting from the supplier’s products and deposits, we create a frame-agreement . Customers of this particular supplier can sign up and register themselves with us in order to benefit from the agreement.

Imagine you didn’t have to worry about your or your customers continuity or stop imagining and contact us.