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WorldEscrow Newsletter: Escrow and Archiving, Brothers in arms

As the year progresses, WorldEscrow is proud to announce its latest innovation in escrow services. As 2014 was branded from the start as a year of exciting innovations and novelties. In the light of the ongoing innovations, WE launches a new service: Archive Escrow. A service fitting perfectly in the final steps of WE’s Innovations that are being taken in just about every field. All of these innovations are leading to one major goal: the expansion of WorldEscrow markets by distinguishing ourselves from the competition in terms of quality, flexibility and service variety.

As mentioned before, the latest step in this process was made late September, with the finalization of a new standard service: Archive Escrow.

What is it?

Archive Escrow is an advanced and intelligent storage and back-up system for all sorts of databases and sources, as long as they’re electronic. It is a service that offers you the chance to store a lot of data in an external environment, offering a fully secure and safe deposit of all forms of electronic data.

All of the processes and documents are furthermore being verified, in that sense that the properties of every document or piece of data are being checked and are reported on a regular basis, as contractually agreed upon. This guarantees the completeness and gives you a clear idea on what is in deposit.

The goal:

The goal of Archive Escrow is the same as any other Escrow Service: guaranteeing the availability and transferability of essential data and/or information.

In the particular case of archive Escrow, WE guarantees the transferability and availability of key documents, drawings, blueprints, histories, electronic communications and any other data configurations by storing them in a highly advanced digital ‘vault.’

Other Escrow agents may offer similar products, but they will ask you to structure the archive beforehand. They also won't enhance the structure and organization of your deposit.

WorldEscrow, on the other hand, asks no such thing. Whether the data to be stored is structured or not, formed in a single format or multiple, consisting of several terabytes of information or merely a hundred pages, WE can store it, structure it and make it freely accessible to any parties you want, or restrict it to a limited number of partners.

As such, the WorldEscrow Archive Escrow solution is the most complete and flexible on the market and a must have for situations where information storage and transferability is paramount. We’re looking at those of you who are planning a lunar mission and don’t want the knowledge to be lost, to those who want to remember how their metro system works a hundred years from now or simply those that feel their information is too critical for either party to be risked losing altogether.

For any and all information, check our website or contact us.

Herman Meuldermans
WorldEscrow NV
Graaf van Egmont Straat 15, box 1
B-2800 Mechelen
+32 (0) 15 20 44 50

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